Sabtu, 10 Juli 2021

Pantau lapangan pemugaran pagar dan paving blok halaman Mesjid Agung Miftahul Ihsan Kota Banjarmadin .Kelurahan Kelayan Luar

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    The report on 'Pantau Lapangan Pemugaran Pagar Dan Paving Blok Halaman Mesjid Agung Miftahul Ihsan Kota Banjarmasin' provides a detailed account of the ongoing renovations of the mosque's premises in Kelurahan Kelayan Luar. The author commends the author for providing a detailed account of the progress and dedication to enhancing the mosque. The report serves as a valuable documentation of community-driven initiatives, showcasing the commitment to maintaining and beautifying the mosque's surroundings. Overall, the report provides an informative account of the positive transformation of the mosque's surroundings.

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